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2020-9-7 3,903
common water quality problems of swimming pool water mainly include the following categories:
1. the water is yellow, green, moss, green algae 2. the water is blue and white, no light or turbid3. the swimming pool is full of chlorine smell of chloramine

4. the water in the pool is clear, but the swimmers reported itchy skin, red eyes and diarrhea after swimming.

5. the remaining chlorine in the pool is higher than the standard, but the total number of bacteria and coliforms after the test are also high

the main reasons for these problems are:
1. the concentration of urea in the swimming pool exceeds the standard 2. chloramine is formed and volatilized

3. anti-chlorine microorganisms such as: giardia multiply

4. algae bloom in large numbers.

these situations are unavoidable problems in the traditional chlorine disinfection process. therefore, more and more swimming pool operators are looking for more advanced ways to treat swimming pool water to create a better swimming experience for users.
due to its unique advantages and high optical density, the medium-pressure ultraviolet sterilizer can not only sterilize and disinfect (especially for anti-chlorine microorganisms), kill green algae, but also decompose chloramines and degrade organic matter in the water body, thereby comprehensively improving the quality of swimming pool water. increase water transparency.
so, how can we choose a suitable medium pressure uv sterilizer?
1. look at the brand
brand history and industry experience are the primary considerations for judging whether a company can cooperate stably. although medium-pressure ultraviolet rays were officially used in the swimming pool industry after the “cjj 122-2017” was promulgated, medium-pressure ultraviolet rays are widely used in food and beverage industries. ruilang has been deeply involved in the field of ultraviolet applications for 25 years, and has not only participated in the drafting and revision of the national standard for ultraviolet disinfection. at the same time, it is also the first batch in china to introduce medium-pressure ultraviolet technology and apply it to marine biological control, food and beverage production lines, and high-purity aquatic applications.
qingdao beer – renownuv medium pressure series


mengniu dairy production line— renownuv medium pressure series
2. look professional
the core of medium-pressure ultraviolet equipment is: lamp tube and ballast. ruilang adopts german imported medium-pressure lamps, which are stable in use and long in life. ruilang has independent research and development capabilities for electronic ballasts, which are rare in the domestic ultraviolet industry.the developed high-performance electronic ballast not only has better driving performance for medium-voltage lamps, but also can carry out 30%~100% stepless power adjustment.

3. look at the design
the core advantage of the medium-pressure ultraviolet sterilizer is its compact structure and small size. ruilang designs medium-voltage ultraviolet equipment, which reduces the volume by 70% compared with traditional medium-voltage equipment, and makes installation and maintenance more flexible.

the whole aerial plug structure connection ensures the stability of the equipment, reduces the demand for professional maintenance personnel and reduces the overall cost.

4. look at the configuration
with rich plc functions, it can monitor uv intensity, lamp running status, accumulated running time, water temperature monitoring, remote communication, etc. in real time. for different scenarios, ultrasonic cleaning or mechanical cleaning mode can be selected.
in the near future, ruilang will bring its medium voltage equipment to the 2020 shanghai water show. at that time, you are welcome to visit on site.

a professional brand focused on offering complete proposals of air and water cleaning, has advanced purification compounding technology of photochemical reaction and photophysics process and design capability from europe.
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