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瑞朗紫外线消毒行业标准推动者,亮相上海国际水展 -爱游戏app官方

2019-6-5 8,656

on june 3-5, 2019, 3,500 global first-tier environmental protection brands will gather at the shanghai national convention and exhibition center. at the shanghai international water show, known as “the most influential first professional exhibition in the global water industry,” the latest concepts in the field of water treatment including water purification and sewage treatment were showcased to the audience, and the world’s top products, technology and solutions.

ruilang electric is the drafting unit of the national standard “gb28235-2011” for the ultraviolet industry, and the main participating company in the “national building standard design atlas”. it has won a national high-tech enterprise and brought the latest popular products to the shanghai international water show booth 6.1h354. witness with everyone, ruilang’s new breakthrough in uv water treatment technology.

since its establishment in 1996, ruilang electric has a history of more than 20 years. as a company that started with uv disinfection products, ruilang has a high reputation and influence in the domestic uv disinfection field. at this exhibition, the uv pro ultraviolet treatment system, toc treatment system and low-flow water treatment solutions with core technologies were exhibited, attracting a large number of customers to stop and visit.

lx pro medium pressure uv equipment is the main product of this exhibition, mainly used in swimming pools, hot springs, spa, food and beverage and ballast water industries. it can carry out extensive water disinfection and sterilization, chloramine decomposition, and algae removal.

the unique tcv cooling system increases the cooling capacity by 2.13 times.

when the medium pressure lamp is running, the lamp wall temperature is as high as 300~800℃, and the tcv patented heat dissipation system can fully agitate the indoor air and take away excess heat. ensure the stability of equipment operation, protect the lamp, and extend the life of the lamp.

after a large number of installation verifications, the dirt of the quartz sleeve is minimized to ensure consistent uv dose output and best performance.

it is made of special ptfe material and has a wide temperature range. it can work at -190~260°c. it has strong acid and alkali resistance. it is the smallest material on the surface of known solid materials and can gently and effectively remove scale.

in the research and development of core products, ruilang has never only satisfied the polishing of product appearance and manufacturing process, invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and has accumulated a lot of theory and practical experience in the core of ultraviolet application-dosage application and structural design.

product development in-depth details: a lot of in-depth research and exploration in the fields of lamp fitting verification, ballast custom development, cfd verification analysis, microbes and plankton inactivation. the accumulation of bit by bit has laid a solid foundation for the use of ultraviolet disinfection. use practical actions to implement the corporate vision of “guide customer needs through continuous development of products and services, and become a professional company recognized by global users”.


爱游戏app官方-爱游戏app官网入口 vision: by focusing on the continuous development of products and services to guide customer needs, become a professional company recognized by global users.
爱游戏app官方-爱游戏app官网入口 mission: establish a highly competitive technology company through a unique culture, provide customers with excellent products, and enable them to establish a deep relationship with the company.
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