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2020-11-27 6,796

i have to say that the speed at which milk tea invades our lives is quite fast, as if for a moment, the streets and alleys are full of milk tea shops.

as milk tea is a beverage, water is naturally the most important part of it. the quality of water not only has a direct impact on the taste of the drink, it is also the core of the safety and quality of the whole drink .

there are a lot of water-related equipment in milk tea shops : water boiler , ice maker, water bar, smoothie machine, tea extracting machine, fructose machine , and milk tea shops of normal size will also install water purifiers or water softeners. , but often neglect to install ultraviolet sterilizers at the end to ensure drinking water safety . let’s talk about the following 5 aspects, why the uv sterilizer is the necessary artifact for opening a store.


1. ensure food safety

generally, milk tea shops will choose soft water or ultrafiltration water purification level. in this case, if the water purifier filter element is not replaced regularly or the maintenance is improper, it may also cause water body bacteria and microorganisms to exceed the standard.

the ultraviolet sterilizer can instantaneously sterilize the water body with a sterilization rate of 99.99% . minimize the risk of food safety for operators.


2. small investment and high return

based on years of experience in serving major chain restaurants and milk tea chain stores, generally 3gpm uv water treatment equipment can meet the daily water demand of the whole store. in this case, the working power of the equipment is only 15w . per day of work 1 2 compute hours per month only 4 .5 yuan electricity , the shop will be able to ensure safety of drinking water , it does not smell? !


3. convenient installation and maintenance

chf ultraviolet disinfection compact, applicable to a variety of installation, stage, the audience, wall all possible . no need for daily maintenance, just replace the lamp regularly every year. the operation is simple, no professional maintenance is required, and it saves worry and effort.

4. strength speaks with qualifications

according to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of uv water disinfector suppliers on the market , but less than one third of them have domestic sanitation permits for drinking water sanitation and safety products issued by the ministry of health . the acquisition of this qualification is the most basic quality guarantee for consumers and a necessary condition for judging whether a manufacturer is formal.

in addition, the latest uv gb “g b28235-2020 ” also by the swiss long involved in the drafting, technical strength leverage ~



5, big brand standard, used say good

if you say one thousand to ten thousand, you still have to tell the case.

ruilang has served a large number of fast food chains and tea companies during its 25 years of operation.

for example, starbucks , kfc, hi tea, nai xue and so on . not only the product quality is excellent, but also good delivery and after-sales service can be provided.

for users, the choice of big brands is the most professional choice. choosing ruilang means choosing worry-free and effective.


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