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water is the source of life on earth, and the basic substance on which mankind depends. however, studies on infectious diseases and bacteriology have proved that water is also an important medium for spreading diseases.

according to statistics from the world health organization (who), 80% of global diseases and more than one-third of deaths directly come from unclean drinking water. water quality determines human physique, so the disinfection of tap water is a key step to ensure that we humans qualify for water.

at present, china’s mainstream tap water treatment process is still based on chlorine disinfection: groundwater or river water is extracted-coagulated and sedimented-filtered-disinfected-purified, and then processed into potable water.

traditional water treatment processes remove suspended solids in water and have a good effect on reducing turbidity. however, with the development of mankind, the current water quality situation has undergone major changes. water quality is dominated by organic pollution, eutrophication, pesticides, and environmental endocrine disruptors. the traditional water purification process cannot deal with these substances. finally, the quality of the purified water is not up to standard, and it may also produce odor.

the protagonist of today’s case is a water plant in a certain city in zhejiang that is troubled by peculiar smell, with a daily flow of 14,400-24,000 tons per day. since its operation in 2004, it has suddenly been troubled by peculiar smell. through the investigation of its water source, it is preliminarily confirmed that the peculiar smell in the water is caused by the eutrophication of the water body and the decomposition products after the death of a large number of algae in the water body.


renownuv in addition to toc solutions

analysis & resolution

the water plant has a maximum daily flow rate of 24,000 tons/day and a total of 3 water passing pipelines. there is one ultraviolet device at the end of each pipeline. the current operation mode is that 3 uv equipments are turned on at the same time.

ultraviolet disinfection equipment is composed of ultraviolet disinfector, automatic control and control cabinet, etc. it has the functions of tired time, sound and light alarm and switch. using a light source with a wavelength of 185nm can stimulate the light decomposition of water molecules. these hydroxyl groups with extremely high energy will attack organic compounds, and toc is completely oxidized and decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.



effectiveness analysis

in water purification plants, the detection of algae mainly includes eight types of cyanophyta, cryptophyta, dinophyta, chrysophyta, xanthelasma, diatoms, euglena and chlorophyta.

for common diatoms and green algae, through experimental tests, ultraviolet rays have a more obvious removal effect on algae in water bodies.






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“water treatment technology and equipment” analysis of the effect of ultraviolet disinfection on the removal of algae in tap water
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