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the 13th china chongqing hi-tech fair and the 9th china international dual-use technology expo will be held at the chongqing international convention and exhibition center from june 21 to 24, 2018.

“chongqing high-tech fair” is a national, international, popular, professional and branded event co-sponsored by the ministry of science and technology and chongqing municipal people’s government. it is the largest national science and technology event in western china.

renownuv electric is honored to be invited to participate in this exhibition as a representative of enterprises in yuzhong district.

among the invited units at the district level, our company is the only exhibitor with the theme of emergency projects. our company creatively applies the most advanced uvc-led disinfection technology to emergency equipment to build a life barrier for the military and civilians to protect drinking water and air.

this exhibition project covers the field of air and water disinfection, including 4 major series:

1. individual direct drinking water disinfection series

2. air disinfection series in special square warehouses (vehicle, airborne, shipborne, etc.)

3. emergency medical treatment, disinfection of air, equipment and medical water

4. municipal and public transportation air disinfection series

as we all know, ultraviolet light is the most broad-spectrum and efficient physical sterilization method. however, traditional ultraviolet equipment is fragile and contains mercury and other inherent shortcomings, and cannot be used in field operations and emergency environments to achieve instant sterilization and disinfection of air and water environments.

uvc-led is the most cutting-edge ultraviolet technology today. it has a single light source and is ready to use without preheating. the product is stable and efficient in use, has high shock resistance, dust and water resistance, and is suitable for various extreme environments.

uvc led单兵直饮水消毒

uvc led单兵直饮水消毒

the application of uvc-led, in addition to being limited by the power of the light source itself, its performance will be affected by the optical design, heat dissipation structure, fluid design and circuit design, which will greatly affect the stability and service life of the product. our company has a professional team of engineers and 22 years of uv disinfection service experience. we take all aspects of product design into consideration to ensure the superiority of its disinfection performance.

uvc led 应急空气消毒

uvc led 应急空气消毒

we firmly believe that technological progress will change people’s lifestyles and serve the public.

2018 is the first year of the uvc-led emergency project. we also firmly believe that this small attempt will bring more hope for survival to people in extreme environments.


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