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renownuv 2020 water exhibition review -爱游戏app官方

2020-9-7 3,362

shanghai 2020 international water exhibition will be held in shanghai new international convention and exhibition center from august 31 to september 2, 2020.four thousand enterprises from all over the world came to this feast with popular products.the expo has come to a successful conclusion after three days.from pre-conference preparation, product presentation to enthusiastic explanation of what we present attentively, busy and happy!

this exhibition allows more customers to understand our products and technology, but also let us in the communication with customers benefit a lot.in the exhibition, our medium-pressure product technology and company philosophy were highly recognized by the on-site exhibitors, and the customer’s response was strong.

  • the staff is explaining the product to the customer

  • explain the food and beverage medium pressure lamp series to customers

customer communication

food and beverage medium pressure

medium pressure ultraviolet ray is the most widely used in the food and beverage field, not only for sterilization, but also for decomposition and chlorine removal.rui lang uv-medium voltage standard international brand, comprehensive upgrade equipment configuration.

in the application of medium voltage lamps, 50% of the operating cost comes from power consumption.therefore, in the process of medium-voltage design, optimizing the use power according to uvt has a significant effect on reducing the use cost of enterprises.research and development of uvt real-time monitoring function of the composite sensor, can collect real-time fluid data, automatic adjustment.

independent research and development of high-performance electronic ballasts, can achieve 30 -100% of the range of non-polar modulation.

special medium pressure ultraviolet ray for swimming pool hot spring

the application of the medium pressure ultraviolet sterilizer in the swimming pool hot spring can not only sterilize (especially anti-chlorine-microorganism), kill green algae, but also decompose chloramine and degrade organic matter in water, comprehensively improving the water quality of the swimming pool and increasing the transparency of water quality.ruilang 25 years focus on uv application, has a wealth of medium pressure application engineering cases, is your assured choice of guarantee.

the compact structure of the product is less than 1/3 of the traditional medium voltage equipment.reduce construction cost and maintenance cost comprehensively.

at the same time, for the removal of chloramine in the pool application, ruilang in-depth exploration and research, committed to providing more professional services for the pool industry customers.

thank you for the arrival of new and old customers, we will continue to never forget the original, forge ahead!we will reap a lot from the 2020 shanghai international water exhibition. we will meet again in shanghai in 2021.
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